Monday, August 19, 2013

MommaDe's Household Glossary

Howdy, all. Just to give you a glossary of terms in regards to my household. For safety reasons, nicknames are only going to be allowed here.

MommaDe - That's me. H.B.I.C. as they say. I am currently 34, been married to my husband for 8 years (although been together for 15 years) and have 3 beautiful children. I also live with my grandmother, my mother, and two dogs. I was raised in VA so a lot of what I type might sound like it has a southern twang. I enjoy reading, writing, music, and when I have the time, video games.

The Hubs - My rock, my solace, my logic. He brings to the table everything I'm not. We compliment each other very well and have gotten to the point where I don't need to say much. He just "gets" me. He is an incredible husband, and just an outstanding father. They truly broke the mold when they made him. I am extremely blessed.

Peanut (AKA "Bubs") - He is my oldest and my "miracle" child. I was 6 1/2 months pregnant with him before I realized I was pregnant. He is 5 years old and my NT. Perfect and intelligent, empathic and giving... Teen years are just going to be OH so much fun with him, as I am not naive enough to think he will stay that way. I just have to remind myself of when he was this small. He is always available to give me a hug. He provides me with emotional strength. There will never be another like him. He has a very rare gift that when he talks, people WANT to listen. (Not just listen to a little kid to be nice...but really WANT to.) I hope he takes that gift and does something with it, someday.

SugarPop Prettyfeet (AKA Pixie) - She is currently 4 years old and I lovingly refer to her as Pixie. Her "happy place" is running barefoot in the grass, the wind in her hair, chasing butterflies and bubbles, while causing humorous mischief. ...a Pixie... She loves to eat bacon and oreos. She also loves music and that's how I get through to her. I "sing" everything to her. She was diagnosed with PDD NOS when she was almost 3. She received Early Intervention through the state and is now in a developmental preschool to get her the help she needs. She is partially verbal. She talks when she wants to, which is about 25% of the time. The other 75% I have to play detective to what she needs and wants. She is remarkable, though. She doesn't let anything slow her down. If she can't figure out how to ask for it or ask help with it, she figures out how to do it herself. Such a tenacious creature. I am constantly awed by her.

Lil Monkey (AKA Tiny Man, Little Man, or just Monkey) - It's funny how some people just "fit" their nicknames. And he does...completely. Right down to the sounds he makes. He is my youngest child, coming in at 3 years old. Yep, you read that right. I have "Irish Triplets".  He loves to climb, loves to eat bananas, and will squeak when you tickle him (which he just adores). Yep. Monkey. He has SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder). He is mostly non verbal, but we're working on that. He can say the important stuff right now, like "Momma", "Daddy", "Cookie", and "I want more." He also knows sign language that was carried over from his two older siblings (taught in the home). So at least I have a way to communicate with him and some of my sanity is kept. He keeps me laughing all day. I love his sense of humor.

Nana - My mom and my soundboard for everything "mother" related. Some people are just born to be mothers and she is one of them. She taught me everything I know about raising kids, cooking, and loving myself. I wouldn't be half of the adult I am without her.

Bokka - My grandmother. We live in her house (that's been in our family for almost 50 years now) and we moved in to help her take care of the place since she's getting too old to do it herself. She was diagnosed with colon cancer 2 years ago and has since kicked the crap out of it. Bokka is a word I came up with. When I was a kid, they tried to get me to say "grandma" and "Bokka" came out. It stuck and now my kids call her that, too. She wears the name like a badge of honor. I love that woman. She is strong willed, stubborn, and the epitome of what a "lady" should be. Adult conversations make her blush and I just think that's delicious.

Meister - He is our near 200lb English Mastiff and my children's "Champion". Ain't no one gettin' through that door that isn't supposed to be here and I don't envy the person who tries. His business end is no joke. But he is extremely gentle with my kids and lets them crawl all over him. Such a loving mushball. I love the big lug.

Loki - She is our 75lb pittie mix. She's such a happy little loaf... Initially, my brother was fostering her as she was an extreme emergency case. (Mom and rest of fam burned up in a house fire.) She had to be bottlefed for the first couple of weeks. The vet didn't think she'd make it. Meister took a strong liking to her and we didn't have the heart to give her up. She is the "sentinel" of the house, sounding the "Alarm Bark" when things are going awry. Again... I don't envy the person trying to break in this house.  She's certainly won me over and has earned her seat in my house. The only thing "vicious" about her, with my kids, is the licking she gives after dinner to help "clean up".

Well, there you have it. That's my household and all the chaos it brings. No two days are alike and oddly enough, I love it that way.

Holdin' down the fort,

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