Monday, September 23, 2013

15 Years and Counting

Today marks a special day for The Hubs and myself. Today is 15 years together. I had just gotten out of a crappy relationship and wanted to take it slow. I was friends enough with him that I didn't want him to be a rebound. I respected him enough to tell him that.

After a while, he finally looked at me and said "So... are we over the dating thing, yet, or what?"

My eloquent response? "Uh... ok, I guess so."

That was 15 years ago. I haven't looked back. I somehow knew that taking the relationship plunge with him was going to be on a permanent basis. Anyone that can handle my spaztastic dysfunctional life and still be attracted to me, was a keeper.

He's given me 110% in most cases. But that's the key to relationships. It's never 50/50. Some days you're giving more, some days less. He's been emotionally there for me, every time I've needed him. The secret to a lasting relationship? Make sure your emotional baggage matches. Everyone carries a bit with them. The person you build a lasting relationship with, the baggage has to match. If you come in with more or less than your partner, your relationship just becomes a long therapy session or a consistent rescue mission. And really? Who has time for that?

Now, he will give you the story on the first day he saw me. Me? (And I know it's terrible of me) I didn't notice him at all until my senior year in high school, and even then it was a brief conversation. We really didn't start to "hang out" until after graduation. (The events are fuzzy with me.)

We've traveled a bit of the world together, we've laughed more times than I can count, we've cried together...we created life together, our souls grew up together, and we are growing old together. It's been one amazingly crazy roller coaster, but I can't imagine anyone else sitting beside me, riding it with me. He may say that I'm the better half, but I have to disagree.

And if after 15 years, my imperfections and flaws haven't made him want to faceplant a brick wall... well then, I have something pretty special. Here's to many many more, baby. You will always have +1

Taking time out for mush,

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