Monday, September 30, 2013

So Pardon Me While I Burst Into Flames (PG 13 Language Ahead)

I had to go to Pixie’s and Tiny Man’s IEP last Friday. For the most part, it went really well. They told me they are EXTREMELY proud on how far they’ve come and how hard they’re working. That makes me happy…especially with Tiny Man because he can be VERY difficult if he doesn’t want to do something…

My kids’ case worker and I see eye to eye. It’s refreshing because I’ve heard some serious horror stories. But nope, I’m blessed… she and I are COOL with each other. She had to pull me aside, before the meeting and tell me that the Child Psychologist (the one I don’t get along with) was going to try and talk me into letting Pixie’s personal teacher go because she had been doing so well.

“She just wants to talk to you about it and get your input…”

Ah…. You are the buffer. I get it. Soften me up. My response “She can talk all she likes…not happening.” She smirked. “You’re one of my favorite parents, “MommaDe”.

And the meeting went underway, sorta. They try and get these meetings in before school starts so the teachers and therapists aren’t taking time away from the other kids. I get and respect that. My kids aren’t the only ones they help during the day and I’m not THAT selfish…

So, the Child Psychologist strolls in 15 minutes late. Mind you, I had to get the meeting started because we were waiting for her. No surprise there. She doesn’t like having to deal with me. Pro Tip: try and pull one over on me or my kids and you don’t want to deal with me, either.

So we’re going through all the teachers and therapists. I had to inwardly chuckle (and feel extremely grateful) that my kids have a staff to help them get through their day. It gets funnier when you realize my daughter’s full title nickname is “PRINCESS SugarPop Prettyfeet, Pixie of the Wild Frontier.” *Giggle* She has a staff… Anyway…

It came time for the Child Psychologist to speak up. The moment she entered the room, btw, and the energy just changed. Thanks to my youngest brother, “Uncle Xerbs”, he had me watch this show call “Lie To Me”. If you’ve ever watched that show, it basically shows you how to read people through their body language. Lemme tell you… it has staved off MANY an argument and has given me a heads up on who is feeding me a line of B.S. It’s just my little “Ace” up my sleeve.

And as soon as she walked in, my kid’s classroom teacher, sits back and starts to fold her arms. Defensive position. I had to hold back a grin. She doesn’t like her! Interesting…

“So, “MommaDe”, I wanted to go over something with you and get your input on a new idea we wanted to try. Since “Pixie” is doing SO well we thought we would take her personal teacher away from her and see how she does. It also frees up the teacher to go to another student. Your thoughts?”

I sat there for a few moments pretending I thought it over. “No.”

There was a pause. I’ve learned that the word “No” doesn’t really have to be explained, ESPECIALLY when it comes to my kids.

Ugh… she’s going to have me break out my inner pitt bull. I don’t WANT to break it out! It’s FRIDAY!! Really, lady? Ugh…

“My daughter is doing well BECAUSE of the teachers and the therapists she has on hand, this INCLUDES her personal one. She has worked VERY hard to get as far as she’s gotten and I WILL NOT take that hard work and toss it away simply because YOU want to save a few bucks. You get a fund from the state based off of how many Special Needs kids you have each year. Dip into the fund and hire a teacher because my child’s teacher isn’t going anywhere.”

You could feel the ripple of energy bounce off of me to her. Everyone else just sat back and watched the battle unfold. I’m a pretty easy going person until you mess with my kids. I was told by HFM, a long time ago, “You have to be your kid’s biggest advocate. If you don’t fight for them, no one else will.”

Yep… gonna break the PG rule here…

I think it’s a shitty thing to do to force this on a parent, btw. We have ENOUGH stress on us, and now we have to be their biggest advocate, too. I shouldn’t HAVE to fight that hard. They see my daughter. They see what her needs are. But noooOOOOooo… you have to go and poke Momma Bear and piss her off on a Friday. Way. To. Go. *Golf clap*

So along with the full laundry list of stuff a mother is to begin with (with just an NT kiddo), then add all the things a Special Needs parent is on top of that…and that’s my life x2 because Tiny Man is a Special Needs kiddo, too.

Bitch, I have about 6 years of sleep deprivation just needing a direction to be unleashed. Do. Not. Trifle with me. K? …… K.

“Oh, “MommaDe”, I didn’t want to get you angry, it was just an idea….”

“I’m not angry. I’m stating that her personal teacher isn’t going anywhere. I’m not signing off on anything that resembles that “idea”.

And that was that.

FTR…. I FRIGGIN HATE having to break out my Inner Pitt Bull. She is nasty. She is mean. She is SUUUUUPER protective of my kids. I don’t like being mean to people. I like laughing. I like being happy. I get ANGRY when those moments are taken from me. (FTW, I know that Pitt Bulls really aren't mean and nasty...but they are super protective and if you cross that line, the business end is no joke.)

*Snort* I almost have to ask “Are you new here?”

To answer it, no… no she’s not. She’s been around since Pixie started the preschool program when she turned 3. Blessed Fortune has decided I've fought with her enough and she is leaving the district this year. (Does a fist pump "YESSSS")

So yes, this was what I had to deal with on Friday. I only had to break out my “Bitch Be Good” Stick once. Not bad. It could have been a LOT worse.

Finding My Happy Place,

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