Wednesday, September 4, 2013

"It's the most wonderful time....of the year!"

Ah, first day of school. Chaos ensues to its normal baseline around MommaDe’s Compound. There is one major change, though… Peanut has officially started. For the first time in almost 6 years, I am childless during the day.

It’s an odd feeling…

I did well, though. Held tough until I got home and talked to my mom (Nana). I was an emotional wreck all week, though. I had this giant knot in the pit of my stomach. Whether it was psychosomatic or something was tearing through this house, I’m not quite sure. Lil Monkey got sick a bit, too, as did Bokka which leads me to believe it might be a bit of both.

My glitch? I remember what Elementary School was like for me. Kids can be amazingly warm and loving creatures, or they can be heartless cruel individuals. It’s all in the rearing. They’re like sponges, sucking up things that you don’t think they’re picking up on. They. See. Everything. (Keep that in mind when you tell an off color joke around the corner, out of eyeshot of your kid. You may not think they understand or can hear you…they do. Children start to understand words in the womb.)

Not everyone raises their kid with love and understanding and my son has to be at the mercy of whatever animal raises a kid. This is where I get to see if everything I’ve started to instill into my kids, holds out.

Yep. I said it. Animal. Just because you tossed some of your DNA with someone elses doesn’t mean you SHOULD have. There really should be a test on parenting before you start having a kid. The last thing this poor world needs is another angry, emotionally abused, dysfunctional, ill-mannered self-entitled brat entering into it. Yeah. I went there. I SO went there.

I’m gonna let y’all in on a little secret. With the exception of a handful, I generally can’t be around other people’s kids. Why? …. Mostly because of 2 simple words that have been omitted from their vocabulary.

“Please” and “Thank you”.

Is it really so hard to reinforce manners? When I was raised, when we asked for something that we wanted, it was always with a please. And when we were given said item, it was a “thank you” at the end. Manners are the EASIEST thing to teach a child. All it takes is patience, consistency, and repetition. If you, as a parent, can’t provide those three things, don’t be a parent. I’m serious.

Go and sit in the mall and just close your eyes and listen to how children address their parents these days. It makes me inwardly cringe.

Buuuuuut, that’s a tad off subject. I’ll rant about manners another day.

I’m talking about bullies right now, and how they’re started at home. Now, don’t misunderstand me. I have two younger brothers and I understand there is a pecking order that has to happen. I’m not talking about sibling rivalry. I’m talking about a kid going out of his or her way to inflict mental or physical abuse on another living thing.

Yes… I was a victim of a bully. Several, in fact, (still have a scar on my back from one) so I know what my kids are up against. Pixie and Monkey are going to have a hard enough time being a kid on the spectrum. They don’t need someone tossing their weight around on them.

I almost feel sorry for Peanut. Being your sibling’s Champion (until they can take care of themselves) is a big task. I pray to the Great Mother every day to take care of my brood. It’s tough because I can’t be there.

Honestly, I don’t know how Nana did it with the three of us (my two brothers and myself) without being on some kind of prescription med or alcohol.

*Takes in a breath and lets it out slowly*

Oh well… The Hubs is off of work today and we haven’t had a day free to just us, in quite some time. I’m off to watch a day of good movies and relaxing.

Breathin’ easier,


  1. It's tough, SweetPea......but each milestone is a memory, and each memory is a "diamond" in your life........hang in there, there WILL be smooth sailing you!

  2. You're doing such a terrific job with them already, Bestest Friend. I'm so very proud of you and Kevin and the kids! :)